Lead Scoring Services

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Converting Today’s Leads into Paying Customers:

Lead Scoring allows marketers to find new prospects that look most like their top performing customers. By utilizing the Lighthouse List Real Time Real Data Lead Scoring program, marketers can better target and focus on leads that are more likely to convert to a sale.

Who Needs Lead Scoring?

Lead Scoring works across a variety of industries including Automotive, Direct Response, Education, Payday Loan and Mortgage Services, Health and Home Services, Travel and Vacation, Insurance, Daily Deal and Online Lead Generation — any industry that needs to make informed decisions when interacting with a large volume of consumers. Organizations implement Lead Scoring into their marketing strategy when they want to predict an explicit consumer behavior or answer an important question about a prospect in order to optimize the consumer experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Lead Scoring can do two things. First and foremost, we can verify and validate that the information provided by the prospect is accurate. Secondly, we can append or enhance this validated information with buying behaviors and lifestyle interests making sure each responder is matched with the right offer.

Lead Scoring is all about the conversion. Using our integrated marketing approach and multi-sourced data partners we can apply a multi-channel sales strategy across all the industries mentioned above to give our customers the most targeted prospect. Marketers can identify, verify, and prioritize leads at the moment of interaction. Cross selling opportunities are also enhanced with over 100 lifestyle interests whether these leads are generated on the phone, over the Web or at the point of sale.

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