E-Dentify™ - Digital Audiences

  • Provides Data Intelligence and Consumer Behavioral Patterns – Marketers and online advertisers can now deliver their offers to consumers who are most likely to buy or respond across all channels.
  • Uses the Knowledge of a Billion Interactions – The E-Dentify™ database includes over a billion interactions made through the mail, online, and on the phone which consists of 150 MM households as well as over 200 MM US consumers. E-Dentify™ allows marketers to target at the household and individual level.
  • Targets Specific Audiences – E-Dentify™ empowers marketers with an additional way to deliver marketing offers to your target audience. Our behavior driven consumers are based on consumers’ purchases and browse and search behaviors that demonstrate potential customers who have expressed interest in a specific product, service or vertical of products or services.
Download Master IP Address Counts File Here

Scored Audiences:

Reach known buyers of a variety of products by delivering one’s message to these known consumers. The parameters include:
  • Over 100 Segments of Hobbies/Interests to Choose From
  • Over 50 Lifestyle Profiles
  • Vehicle Ownership
  • New Credit Card Issues and Usage
  • AmeriBase Demographics

Ready to Buy Audiences:

Reach Ready to Buy consumers who have recently browsed or searched for various products. These potential ready to buy consumers have actively visited an online shopping site in the last 7-30 days.

RE-Directed Audiences:

Improve conversion rates by serving targeted ads to shoppers who have interest and active lifestyle habits in other verticals. One can target by demographic information such as occupation, education, financial, and trigger (i.e. mover, marriage and new child) data. Targeting can also select interests such as golfing, hunters, boating, fishing, vacationing, etc. and many more lifestyle interests.