Merge Purge (De-Dupe, Deduplication)

Combine multiple data sources and keep the overall best record.

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Merge/Purge is offered as a service allowing you access to our experience, tools and techniques for solving the common yet difficult problem of identifying duplicate records. When you need to combine information from multiple data sources or mailing lists it involves more than a simple data reformat. Duplicate records can appear in multiple sources and need to be properly identified and eliminated. Using our advanced matching techniques developed over the past 16 years we’re able to accurately identify these duplicate records that exist in your mailing list. Duplicate records often contain valuable information that needs to be retained on the final surviving record. For example, take a scenario where two records have the same name and address information. However one record also contains an e-mail address, while the other record contains a telephone number. We can create an output record that retains both of these valuable fields creating a “best” record. We refer to this process as a Master File Update.  

Sample Data

Name Address City, State ZIP Phone E-mail
Record #1 John Doe 123 Main St Miami, FL 33101 305-555-1212  
Record #2 John Doe 123 Main St Miami, FL 33101
Best Record John Doe 123 Main St Miami, FL 33101 305-555-1212
Our powerful Merge Purge software can also be used to increase your knowledge about your customers by calculating recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) information you are able to make better decisions on how best to market to your customers. This information can be used to create powerful marketing campaigns to target your best customers, newest customers, or inactive customers.
When you work with lighthouse list we create a custom merge/purge solution to tailor our matching system to your exact criteria.