Business Email Append

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lighthouse list‘s Business Email Appending service uses your business customers’ names, company names, and postal addresses to derive their email addresses and append them to your list. Email is increasingly the preferred method for business communications. By adding email to your marketing efforts you’ll save time and money and increase your ability to communicate with your customers.

How Business Email Append Works

Step 1: We receive your customer data. Your customer file, including company name, will be received and standardized by lighthouse list COMPANY. We apply standard address hygiene including CASS. We work with most data formats, and your information will always be protected within our secure system environment. Step 2: The match is performed. We locate the domain used for email by your contact’s company. The naming convention for that domain is determined by consulting our database of approximately 90 million unique email addresses. The contact’s email address is then derived by following the pattern for the domain. Step 3: A permission request is sent.We create and send a customized permission request message that will direct your customer to a web site with your message. There, your customer can either opt-out of future email messages from you, update their contact information, or provide an alternate contact. If our first derivative of the contact’s email address is unsuccessful, we will attempt other possible nicknames (e.g. William to Bill ) or other common naming conventions. If the address remains undeliverable, it is discarded. Step 4: We return your file with email addresses appended All undeliverable matches are omitted, and people who unsubscribed are flagged. A final file containing only deliverable matches is returned to you. The whole process takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Step 5 is critical because it gives your customer the opportunity to opt-out of receiving your email messages ahead of time, thus preventing any potential negative sentiment on your customer’s behalf. It is important to note that there are email append companies that will provide you with email address without doing this important opt-out procedure. This can expose you to unnecessary risk and fines under the current SPAM laws.

lighthouse list Provides More Results

Competing services have single-digit match rates to business addresses. lighthouse list COMPANY will first append as many matches as possible using our proprietary B2B Email Append service, and, if we do not obtain a work address for a contact, we’ll match to our consumer database. This two-pronged approach not only provides you the best data possible, but it also maximizes your results. lighthouse list has obtained match rates as high as 45%! Required Fields:First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code.